In June 2024, Marlborough faculty and students will have an opportunity to travel to the south where the Civil Rights Movement in the United States began.

Civil Rights Tour 2024

Decades ago, a struggle for equality ensued. With our constitutional and legal rights up for grabs, African Americans sought what white Americans already enjoyed. Equal rights to those of whites that included opportunities in employment, housing, education, as well as the right to vote were most important. Rooted in the Southern United States, many have quipped, “The Civil Rights Movement is the Second Reconstruction Movement.” Journey with us as we trace parts of this important movement in our history and travel to parts of the south. We will understand what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. fought and died for in Memphis, Tennessee and walk the bridge that will forever have a place in history, The Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama. There is much history in the south and we want you to understand it fully by experiencing it. Moreover, the connection is not just historical, it is literary as well. Learn which writers emerged from the Civil Rights Movement and how this movement influenced their writing.
Marlborough Summer 2024 TRIP DATES
June 10 - June 16