Camp Mustang

Please note, this is just a sample of what is available.  Click on the catalog link to see the actual class descriptions for Summer 2020.

Marlborough Summer has a variety of classes available for students entering kindergarten and first grade in the fall. Called Camp Mustang, this program provides students with age-appropriate activities and experiences. Parents may elect for students to participate only in morning classes or may add afternoon activities.

The schedule for the Camp Mustang day is as follows:

7:00–8:00 a.m. - Before School Care
8:15 a.m.–12:15 p.m. - Camp Mustang in the Morning
12:15–1:15 p.m. - Lunch Period
1:15–2:45 p.m. - Camp Mustang in the Afternoon
2:45–5:00 p.m. - Extended Care

Kindergarten and first grade students will be closely supervised at all times, including lunch time. Please note, only students enrolled in an afternoon class may stay for lunch. Tuition for Camp Mustang includes the entire morning, through the five-week duration of the program.

Program Options

What else do I need to know?
  • There is NO homework for Camp Mustang.
  • Children are placed in groups of no more than 12-13, with two counselors/teachers' aides per group. Each group stays together during the day and throughout the five-week program.
  • Please note: we do not accept requests to pair students in groups. Groups are created so that everyone has a chance to meet new friends. Groups will be assigned in June.
  • In order to offer individual instruction and attention, we can only accommodate a maximum of 80 children on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • All parents are invited to attend the Camp Mustang Performance during the last week of Marlborough Summer. The performance will showcase the skills learned throughout the session.
Marlborough Summer 2020 Dates

June 8-12
Week 1 Workshops

June 15-19
Week 2 Sports Camps and Workshops

June 22 - July 24
Five-Week Program (Camp Mustang and Classic Summer)